• Jasmyn Elliott

Beating Blue Light

More than ever we are tied to tech. Between our smartphones, LED computer screens, and even the sun itself, blue light (AKA high-energy visible, or HEV light) is practically inescapable. Mind you some exposure can actually help regulate our sleep cycle, improve certain skin conditions such as acne, and lift our overall mood. However, the overexposure of HEV light can lead to early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and tamper with our beauty sleep. So, how do we battle these blues?

  1. Wear your SPF. A broad spectrum SPF between 30-50 that protects against UVA and UVB rays are the first light of defense against blue light overexposure during the day. Adding a Vitamin C serum for extra antioxidant protection also helps.

  2. Change your settings. Most devices have a "night mode" filter that can be applied to your screen that can be changed in the settings. Alternatively, blue light-canceling screen protectors for laptops and smartphones can be found online. Even consider wearing a pair of blue light glasses if your logging in major screen time at your desk and want to give your eyes a break.

  3. Power down. It have become the norm to check our phones before we brush our teeth, scroll our feeds mindlessly throughout the day, or binge watch our favorite shows late into the night. Give your tech a rest! Before you reach for your phone, pick up a book or another tech-free pastime. Resist the urge to watch just one more episode and get a full night's rest. Your body and your skin will thank you.

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