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They Call It "Beauty Rest" for a Reason

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A few days ago I had a client who was looking for the "holy grail" that would make her skin look dewy, fresh, and revived. However, after going over her skincare routine, she was doing everything that could be done, except one crucial thing:

She was only getting an average of three hours of sleep per night.

As outlandish as this sounds, she is one of many people I come across that are running on fumes. Adequate sleep is the linchpin of a healthy skincare ritual and lifestyle. While we sleep, the body repairs itself from head to tow, enabling us to wake up ready to face the next day. Without it, not even the most miraculous of face creams will do you any favors and your skin will be left looking lifeless. But what if you're a night owl by nature and just can't seem to slip into your dreams? Read on.

Into the Darkness: Keeping light at a minimum in the first step in encouraging a restful sleep, as its presence can throw off our circadian rhythm. Black-out shades and satin sleep masks can help block out unwanted illumination. For those who prefer a nightlight, a motion-activated plug-in is a welcome compromise. I have personally taken to using a red LED lamp in my bedroom to encourage rest after darkness falls so that I can still see without the glare of traditional light bulbs.

Kitsch Satin Sleep Mask, $15.95 | ae.com

Timing is Everything: Whenever possible, go to bed at a decent hour. I know, it's tempting to watch just *one* more episode of Squid Games or send that last email. However, keep in mind that all of this will be there when you wake up. Furthermore, aim to enjoy anywhere between 6-8 hours of sleep so the body gets the time it needs to fully recover from the previous day's activities. Keep in mind: sleeping too little or too much can leave you feeling depleted.

No need to watch until 3 a.m. when Hulu, Netflix, and DVRs exist...

Power Down (or at least make it useful): Our devices can be a friend or foe when it comes to getting some sleep. A few options include tucking your phone away in a drawer, placing it on "Do Not Disturb," and setting time limits on your social media apps to curb mindless scrolling. Alternatively, apps like Calm, Balance, and Insight Timer offer bedtimes stories and meditations that can help you wind down. Also, good ol' YoutTube has plenty of blackout sleep sounds such as ocean waves and thunderstorms that can help lull you to sleep.

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Let It All Out: Sometimes our minds keep running full steam ahead at bedtime, replaying the day's events like a never-ending movie or ruminating on tomorrow's tasks. This is where journaling can come in handy. Have a notebook at your bedside so that you have a place to dump those thoughts out of your head and onto paper. If writing isn't your thing, record a voice note, or if your spiritually inclined, pray about it.

Polka Dot Take Note Extra Large Notebook, $24.95 | katespade.com

So, what are your hacks for a good night's rest? Sound off below!

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