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Bully, Bully: Lizzo Be Lying?

Seeing Lizzo being exposed as an alleged bully was not on my bingo card.

As of August 2, 2023, Lizzo is being sued by three former dancers who claim that she created a "hostile work environment" by way of weight shaming, unwanted proselytizing, and a variety of (conflicting) sexual improprieties.

Shortly thereafter, a filmmaker named Sophia Nahli Allison came forward with allegations that in 2019, during which time she claimed to be working with Lizzo on a documentary, she "witnessed how arrogant, self-centered and unkind she is," and that she was "treated with such disrespect by her." (Click here to read the reference article).

As of this writing, Lizzo has issued a statement denying the allegations and expressing her hurt. Whether the rumors are true or not remains to be seen, but that hasn't stopped the court of public opinion from issuing its verdict or asking questions.

The top question I keep seeing being asked is: how can someone who has built their platform on self-acceptance, body positivity, and kindness possibly be a monster behind closed doors?

The answer is simple: it's called "hypocrisy."

It's a reverse psychology of sorts. When someone is a bully, two things tend to happen: they will attack the very thing they are insecure about and put on a veneer by way of a bold personality that leaves the casual observer none the wiser. I experienced this myself as a youth.

I was constantly bullied and called "fat" by skinnier (and sometimes bigger) girls who were insecure about their bodies while putting on a false air of confidence. They took their hatred of themselves out on me and remained part of the well-liked, popular crowd. As time and karma would have it... well, let's say they look pretty different after graduation.

So, the possibility of Lizzo criticizing her dancers' weight while she touts body positivity and radical self-acceptance to the public isn't a concept that's too difficult to wrap my brain around. It just tells me that among all the glitter body suits and doughnuts, she has yet to accept herself fully and will possibly continue to hit people in the same areas where she hurts.

As for the sexual impropriety, I take this very seriously. I find that sometimes we tend to wave off women as possible predators. That being said, psychological sexual harassment is a thing and should be taken just as seriously. If Lizzo was inappropriate with her employees on multiple occasions, she must face the same consequences any man would for the same behavior. No one should have to deal with that kind of nonsense while trying to make a living.

All of this is still quite fresh in the ether, so we have a while before this comes to a resolution. Best-case scenario, it was all a lie, and I can continue to stream "Truth Hurts" guilt-free. If worse comes to worst, Lizzo is a bully who must be held accountable for her actions and will hopefully learn from her mistakes.

There is grace for those that seek it, but first, there must be discipline.


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