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For Miya

The devastating outcome of Miya Marcano’s abduction has weighed heavily on my mind. Usually when I write about a tragedy, I write with the aim of finding some sort of lesson within a horrific event, something of value that can be taken away from an otherwise heinous scenario.

This time, though, I am unable to find one.

What can we learn from a young woman being attacked in her own home and murdered by some callous bastard whose fragile, overinflated ego took rejection as a license to destroy?

What can I ever say to her parents that would make them feel better about burying their baby girl?

What words could I write to uplift a community of friends that could bring a ounce of clarity in the midst of such a senseless tragedy?

Maybe that’s the lesson this time. Perhaps the lesson is that awful things happen in this world, things that will turn our lives upside down in a second without any remorse and no answers as to why. In those moments it will be totally understandable to lose hope, to shake our fists and be highly pissed at God for seemingly falling asleep on the job, and make us wonder why we even bother. And yet, we will see another day arrive, time marching on even as we are in our grief.

While I cannot say that I am any closer to processing the loss of such a brilliant light snuffed out all too quickly by an absolute monster, I can say this: we are more resilient than we know. In our anguish and through our tears, may we never forget the joy she brought into our lives and may we find the strength and the resolve to not let the unthinkable crush our spirit.

To Miya: you will be forever missed. Bless your life. Light and progress to your spirit. May your memory be a blessing.


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