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Take The Leap

Just yesterday, I was recounting to a co-worker how I made the unlikely transition from social work into the beauty industry. As I told my story, I realized two major plot points.

First: making this change was not a linear process. I grappled multiple times between returning to the field and pursuing my passion. It wasn't until doing the "sensible" thing made me absolutely miserable and jaded that I finally decided to fully lean into doing what I truly loved. I was willing to risk shelving a hard-earned MSW and disappointing (or at least confusing) well-meaning loved ones in order to find joy in my profession. It took handing in my resignation and walking out that same day completely jobless and terrified, only to land at an amazing skincare studio that launched me back into the field and ultimately lead me to working for a luxury brand that I had long admired. When I took the leap, I had faith that my calling would catch me... and it did.

The next thing that stuck out were the risks that I took. While social work isn't exactly the most lucrative career, breaking into the beauty industry is far from being a get-rich-quick hustle. Between building a clientele, honing my skills, and paying my proverbial dues, it was quite the gamble. Even as an optimistic extrovert, slow seasons and sales goals seemed intimidating at first. Even so, I was willing to bet on myself time and time again, and thus far I have won each and every time.

So, what it the "big risk" that you're thinking about taking? Is it a career change? Starting a business? Perhaps it's finally saying "I love you" or "It's over!" Whatever it is, this is your sign to take your running start and LEAP. Everything you want in life is on the other side of that big, scary decision that you don't want to make. Once you do, your life will open up in a way that will make it all worth it. Jump over the edge and have faith that your dream will not only catch you, but it will embrace you.


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