• Jasmyn Elliott

The Deception of Discouragement

I think it's safe to assume that many of us are working towards something in this life. In fact, these days you may be working harder than ever before. All around us hustle culture tells us to take no days off, to embrace the grind, and there is no rest before success. However, trailing closely behind is the deception of discouragement.

On the one hand, the surface of this message is motivating. It pushes us to put in the work to realize our biggest dreams, and for many its this very message that has propelled them to accomplishing their goals. For others though, discouragement and worry can set in when in spite of putting in the necessary work and then some, the results don't seem to match the effort. We have planted and tended to the proverbial tree, but the fruit has not come in by harvest time.

Before you uproot your plans and give up, consider this: the deception of discouragement tells us that the results of our work should be immediately evident, and that anything less than overnight success equals failure. However, just like a tree does not bear fruit within a day we cannot expect our work to yield instantaneous results.

In reality, genuinely good work that is heartfelt and sincere takes time to grow. The time that it takes helps us develop new skills and refreshes our perspectives, enabling us to take on the challenges that come with growth. By taking that time to develop, our foundation becomes rock-solid, enabling us to build a long-lasting legacy.

Furthermore, there is a slight chance that you may not see how your presence impacted another. As I write these words in hopes that they are read, I will likely never meet all of my readers, if any. But I also have faith that my words will have a positive impact and help change someone's life... therefore, I keep writing.

So, the next time you want to give up because you have not received the payoff by your self-imposed deadline, remember this: the trees with the strongest roots are also the ones that take the longest to grow. Allow yourself the time to become rooted in your purpose and trust that, in due time, you will blossom.

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